Thursday, June 18

Ghost..ghost...ghost...If people whether small,teenager or adult hear that,many action will they do like shout,scare,cry and many more.Sometimes ghost story become the hot story as we can see now many producer either in local or abroad like to produce story about ghost.
First time I hear this story,I don't believe.I imagined that ghost are not exist and the story only create was someone who do not have any work.But after this incident happened to me,I believed that have other lifes living in the world with us.This incident happened in my village.On that time, the story about "Pontianak" became a hot story.Did you know the words mean by "Pontianak"???.
Pontianak is the female vampire, even more fearsome then your ordinary western vampire of Asian origin. She's believed to be the spirit of a woman who died in childbirth. She relishes all types of blood, but the blood of a newborn is supposed to be the most preferred blood. She kills pregnant women and eats the fetus. There is no known way of killing this vile creature, but to stop it, one must drive a nail into it's neck,the creature will change back to the woman it once was or one must disrobe. But to do such a thing, the person must posses an ugly body. It's said that the pontianak is fearful of sharp objects. It's also said that if one were to tie a red thread from a banana tree (the Pontianak's home) to the foot of the person's bed, the Pontianak would have to do the person's bidding, or trapped.
On that time,all villagers in my village shocked because every night,they were heard a voice like girl was screaming near Pak Mat house.Sometimes its loud,sometimes its slow.The voice makes my brother,me and my cousin wants to investigate.My father was angry with the idea but my brother told to him that that were somethings wrongs happened in Pak Mat's house.
With the permission from my family,one night we went to the Pak Mat house.
When we arrived,we saw Pak Mat was doing something near a banana tree.We can see that he stuck several pins, tied to a red thread into a banana tree and tied the other end to the foot of his bed trough the window.When the clock show 12,we heard a woman crying.We knew that something was happened.I felt so scared and asked my brother came back home.
When we arrived,my brother told all the incident that we saw to my father.My father quickly going to house of leader's villager to tell to him.Since that day,no more voice was hear in my villages.All villager living in the peaceful situation.